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Food Trucks 

The Macatawa Marketplace has several options available for food trucks!  You can apply to set up at Holland Town Center for different events, there are multiple options for your convenience.  We are located right off of US31 and James Street, a high traffic area.   We will be adding seating, signage, and lighting to give this area soon.  We are hoping to eventually have Live Music and Food Trucks several times a month on Friday nights and at our Markets.  We are hoping this will become a place where more of Holland will want to come to shop, eat, listen to the music and hang out.  Please join us for a few times or sign up for all of our events.  You will need to read the Rules and Policies that are a Subpage and then fill out the below registration.  Once we receive your application, we will send you an approval with payment options.  We look forward to you joining us this year!

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To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Please look at your Ticket options on the right and choose which one you want.
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Ticket 1

Option for the Friday Dates (April 30, July 2, & Sept. 3 from  5 to 8 pm)    ~ $75.00 

Mountain Lake

Ticket 2

Option for the 3 Friday dates and all Saturday Events  (Second Saturday of each month April through October, a total of 9 times)  $350.00

Field of Wheat

Ticket 3

Option for the dates during Tulip Time from  May 1  to 8 (All Day)      $325.00

Flower in Sunlight

Ticket 4

Option for ALL dates 3 Fridays, 6 Saturdays (April to October), and  May 1-8  $600.00