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Freedom Goods 

Helping Sell to Create a Better Future for Children


Welcome to Freedom Goods!   We started this ministry with a desire to help women and girls stay out of human trafficking.  It began with selling friendship bracelets made in the Philippines and expanded to selling many fair trade crafts that provide dignity and hope for women and children.


Our Mission is to support ministries that are empowering vulnerable women and orphans around the world in the name of Jesus. Through our sales of high-quality, hand-made fair trade crafts; women around the world are given a dignified means to earn an income and support their families. All the items we sell support the women who made them, and the Christian ministries who are investing in their lives; spiritually and physically.

Shadow on Concrete Wall

A portion of our funding and selling efforts go to a non-profit in Uganda called The Gift of a Girl Foundation. This organization helps girls in a remote area of Kumi.  They help pay for the girls tuition so they can get an education. This organization does so many things to help the girls such as having local leaders come in to talk to them about things like hygiene and encourage them to stay in school.  They teach them sewing, cooking, bible study, and other life skills. They are working on different projects to try and become self-sufficient, but this is in the beginning stages and hard because of their remote region and the lack of access to supplies.  They have been planting and harvesting crops for food and have been raising goats to sell for funds.

This year has been a struggle for them with Covid and we have been helping feed about 100 people every month!  

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Booth #70 at Not So Shabby

We have been so busy hosting the Macatawa Marketplace that we have not had time to sell our own fair trade good items.  We set up mid-October at the store Not So Shabby in Holland, MI. Here is a picture when we had enough product out and priced to sell.  We keep adding items every few days and eventually this booth will be full!  Come check it out and help support us like you always have!