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Ruth Doane, a resident of Holland, Michigan started managing Craft/Vendor Fair events about four years ago.  These were started as fundraising events for her ministry called Freedom Goods, which sells craft goods mainly made by women coming out of sex trafficking or by people trying to provide for their families in Third World Countries.

We started with 20 plus vendors in the Summer of 2020 but had grown to over 70 vendors by the Fall.  We have integrated special events, music and food into our Marketplace.  We will be starting the Second Saturday of April of 2021 and continuing through the Fall.  

We are hoping to add some fun events that will be announced shortly!  Stay Tuned!

The Holland Town Center is a great venue for the markets as they have large roof awnings to protect the vendors from the sun or elements.  Shoppers stay protected as well.  There are some benches with seating but we plan to work on some more areas so you can eat or sit and relax while you enjoy the music and food!

There are centrally located bathrooms for the facility that are located indoors in the middle of the complex.  

A portion of our funding and selling efforts go to a non-profit in Uganda called The Gift of a Girl Foundation. This organization helps girls in a remote area of Kumi.  They help pay for the girls tuition so they can get an education. If you wish to learn more about how we support them, please click on our Freedom Goods Tab.

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